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Trading Post Canoe, Kayak & Campground

John, Jesslyn Senecal & Family

Trading Post Canoe was established in 1971 and is a family owned and operated business. We, John & Jesslyn Senecal, purchased the Trading Post in early 2008. We have four children (Whitney-married Ben, Dylan, Matthew & Jonah), and they are all actively involved in the business. We are blessed with the opportunity to work and spend time together as a family and with our fun-loving staff!

We realized that we wanted to make some significant changes in life. We both had very demanding careers in the corporate world, John as an engineering consultant and Jesslyn as a human resource executive. These careers required extensive travel, high levels of stress and unending work away from the family. We had successful careers, but the quality of life with those careers was far less than rewarding. We stay active in our professional fields by using the off-season to do some consulting and provide mediation services. But now we work around our family and business schedule, which is a nice change.

We love providing canoe and kayak rentals on the Pigeon River. The campground has introduced us to new friends and what a blessing this is. We hope we will be your chosen outfitter for your next outdoor experience! If you are a return customer, we want you to know how much we appreciate your business. So come on out, stay for a while and let us get you out on the river!

We strive to make every experience at Trading Post Canoe one you will remember forever and share with your friends!  As a small family owned business, our true success has been based upon our customers that come back year after year and those that refer their friends to our place! The best thanks of all you can give us, our staff and our business is by recommending our place to someone you know that would enjoy the adventure you got to experience.   

Please let us know what we can do better for you to make your experience with us an even more memorable one!

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